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Android Analytics
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version 1.1.2

Android Application


This document will take you through the first steps of integrating the Deskmetrics SDK with your own Android Java app.

We will make use of Deskmetrics-release.aar from the SDK zip

First steps:

The integration:

In the onCreate handler of your MainActivity class you should initialize the Analytics instance, set some properties, and start the SDK:

// ... android related initialization ...
// Initialize the SDK using the app key you can obtain from your dashboard
Analytics analytics = Analytics.initialize(this, "<MY APP KEY HERE>");
// Set some properties that are good to include with your events:
// This field is also referred to as the build id, the dashboard may automatically filter on it
analytics.setProp("tracking_id", "<MY TRACKING ID>");
analytics.setProp("sub_id", "<MY SUB ID>");
analytics.setProp("channel", "<MY CHANNEL>");
// A custom property:
analytics.setProp("custom_greeting", "hello friends");
// Now to start the SDK
// We can now send events
// We can also send events with custom data:
JSONObject bookData = new JSONObject();
try {
    bookData.put("author", "Raymond Chen");
    bookData.put("title", "The Old New Thing");
catch(JSONException e) {
    // ...
analytics.send("book", bookData);
// ... perhaps more android related initialization ...

Last words