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Data Modelling


The first step in a new Deskmetrics integration is to register your application in the dashboard. Collected data is organized by application; analysis is performed separately for each application.


An event is a record of something that happens in the life of your application, such as a button click, a purchase or an uninstall. Each event has a name and a set of common properties that describe it. For example, a sign up event might be described by properties like user’s age, country and company name.

The Deskmetrics SDKs come with a few out-of-the-box events to get you started: install_launch, install, uninstall, launch, heart_beat and exit. These are described in detail in the Event Reference section.

Event Properties

Event properties describe all of the details about an event. Any details you want to include in your analysis should be captured in your event properties.

Here’s an example of a simple sign up event and its properties:

  "user": {
    "age": 32,
    "occupation": "Technical Writer",
    "country": "Canada"
  "ip_address": ""

You’re free to include whichever event properties are meaningful to you.

Property names should follow these guidelines:

Property values should follow these guidelines:

To get you started, we’ve come up with a few recommended properties supported by our SDKs and reporting dashboards:

tracking_id The primary property used to slice event data into different segments. Populate this property with whatever’s most important to you, e.g. build, distribution channel, etc.

sub_id Further segment your application by sub-id.

See our Event Reference section for a full list of event properties.