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DeskMetrics is a desktop software analytics platform designed for the modern desktop developer. Our simple-to-integrate SDK provides detailed data on traffic sources, installs, downloads, in-app metrics and customer usage. With this comprehensive platform, developers can better understand the complete lifecycle of their application, from landing page to installation to cart conversion.

Measure and monitor your results in real-time to achieve valuable intel and substantial growth.

What to Expect

Our SDKs and supporting documentation are created with the developer workflow in mind. To start, we explore best practices for integrating the SDK with our Data Modelling Guide. Then, we offer integration guides for the most popular open source installers: Inno Setup and NSIS, as well as for two of the most popular desktop software development languages: C++ and C#. Finally, we show how to integrate our optional cross-sell functionality into your installer and how to leverage our JavaScript SDK to enable full lifecycle coverage of your user: from landing page to app workflow and cart checkout.